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Point Of Sale Service in Smarr Georgia

A Point of Sale Guide for Smarr Businesses

In order for any local business to sell their goods, they need a point of sale system. Point of Sale (POS) must be carried out using secure and fast technology for the convenience of both customers and business owners alike. Finding a provider of point of sale in Smarr, Georgia can be difficult if you have no prior experience with P O S. 

BigHouse Payment Solutions has put together this guide with information on everything you need to know about POS to help get you started on the road to a profitable business. Read on to learn more about how to find the best merchant services for your company.

What is Point of Sale?

Point of sale, or point of purchase, refers to the time and location that a transaction takes place. During the point of sale, a business owner will:

  1. Calculate the transaction amount for a customer’s purchase.
  2. Display this amount for the customer.
  3. Create an invoice for the customer.
  4. Review payment options with the customer.

In many local Smarr businesses, the point of sale will not require an invoice if the company is using a credit card processor like a terminal or credit card machine. In this case, the customer’s total will be displayed on the machine at checkout, and the customer will be expected to pay the full amount, plus tax, in order to complete the transaction.


POS Systems

Every business that sells physical products uses a POS system to complete each transaction. These systems can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Credit card readers, mobile credit card processors, and other terminals are all considered point of sale systems.

Point of Sale Software

There is a variety of POS software for businesses to use when carrying out transactions for their goods. At BigHouse Payment Solutions, we use the fastest and safest POS software:

Payment Processing

For fast and convenient transactions, payment processing is key. A top-rated payment processor will be able to take your customer’s credit card information and get a transaction approved by the customer’s bank all in a matter of seconds. To learn more about payment processing, read our Guide to Credit Card Processing.

Merchant Services In 

Smarr Georgia

Finding a merchant service to handle the logistics of your point of sale system is no easy task. You need to choose a reputable company who offers speed, convenience, and affordability. Many Smarr merchant services will offer your business bundle POS deals that contain payment processing solutions that you don’t necessarily need. The best merchant services will offer custom plans that cater to the needs of your business.


Having a merchant account with a POS expert will grant you access to a wide range of services that benefit your company. With local merchant services, you can enjoy easy-to-reach customer support when you are facing technical difficulties and system failures. An Smarr merchant service provider will also be able to come to your location for maintenance, troubleshooting, and repairs should the need arise.

Keep in mind that there are different merchant processing solutions for different industries. It’s important to find the best merchant services that fit the needs of your business.

Restaurant POS Systems

A restaurant POS includes many important factors for both the business and the customer. In addition to meal transactions, restaurant owners must keep stock of materials through inventory procedures. Efficient restaurant POS systems will be able to perform payment processing through multiple platforms, complete online orders, and manage inventory. Below are a few of the top restaurant POS systems currently in the industry:

Retail POS Systems

For retailers, efficiency and accuracy is key when finding a point of sale system. A retail POS system will allow a business to track inventory, in-store purchases, and online orders. Retail POS systems must be equipped with the latest technology in order to handle the weight of day-to-day transactions. Below are the industry’s current top retail POS systems:

Smarr POS Machines

When searching for an Smarr POS machine to suit the needs of your business, there are few variables to consider. The size of your business, your customers’ preferred payment gateway, and your budget are all deciding factors. If you’re just starting out, there are two main routes you can go with for your point of sale system:

  • In-Store POS Machine - This is a system that is normally tied to your in-store systems, and can only be used on-site. Credit card machines and virtual terminals are both considered in-store POS machines.
  • Cloud-Based POS Machine - If you need a payment gateway without the limits of a virtual terminal or credit card reader, there are a few cloud-based POS machines that can serve as a payment processor. Mobile credit card processor apps like PayPal, Square, and Shopify are all great options for small businesses who aren’t tied down by a physical store location.

Local Smarr POS Services

If you are a local small business looking for Smarr POS services, BigHouse Payment Solutions is here for you. We offer a wide range of merchant services to suit your needs and budget. Whether you need a virtual terminal or a mobile credit card processor, we have the industry expertise to help you get set up in no time.

Having a P O S system in place to help handle all of your business’s responsibilities will help you stay organized and avoid common startup mistakes. Our point of sale solutions include:

  • POS Systems
  • Merchant Services
  • Payment Processing
  • POS Software
  • POS Machines
  • Merchant Processing
  • & Much More!

Let BigHouse Payment Solutions keep your business on track with our Smarr POS services. Call us today to learn more: 706-510-3515